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Our Corporate Sustainability Goals

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Here at WM Watson, part of The UPAC Group, Scotland's Leading Packaging Supplier, what matters to us is the future- not just of our business, or our industry but in bringing positive change to the wider society.

The UPAC Group have appointed a green team who are setting our sustainability targets by taking into account our Environmental Management System (EMA). The EMA measures waste generation, energy usage, water usage and our carbon emissions.

Over the next few years our business is committing to:

  • Actively incorporating social and environmental impact into our decision making.

  • Reduce waste and water consumption by 5% every year.

  • Reduction of waste sent to landfills by 5% each year.

  • A zero emission future.

  • Develop our products to be environmentally friendly- whether thats recyclable/ reusable or made from sustainable materials.

  • Investing in Solar Power.

  • Purchasing flexible fuel company vehicles.

  • Installing charging points for green company vehicles.

  • Use Energy Star appliances, automatic sleep modes and after-hour timers.

  • Using natural light, CF bulbs, occupancy sensors, daylight dimmers when appropriate.

  • Reduce the amount of chemicals we use on site and switch to non-toxic janitorial products.

  • Only use unbleached / chlorine free paper products.

  • Using recycled/environmentally preferred office supplies.

  • Planting trees and wildflowers in agreed areas with local community.

  • Working with the local community to clean up the local area.

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