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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Packaging Supply Sale begins: Monday 22nd November Until 3rd December.

First Come First Served.

Do not miss The UPAC Group's Cyber Monday deals. Keep scrolling to see what we have available for this years sale!

  1. Paper Bags (non branded) with Paper Twist Handles.

6000 available

40p each

2. Do Not Stack Pallet Cones.

1700 cones available

30p each

3. Plastic Knives Packs of 100.

300 packs available.

£1.99 per 100

4. White Pedal Bin Liners 11 x 17.5 x 18'' 1000 per box.

40 cases available.

£6.95 per 1000

5.Labels plain 102 x 176mm

600 per pack.

350 rolls available

£9.95 per roll

6.Large Heavy Duty Coloured Bags in Green, White, Blue or Yellow.

Blue: 6720 in stock

Green: 8000 in stock

White: 20,400 in stock

Yellow: 20,850 in stock

10p per bag

£65 for 1000 bags

7. Airpouch Void Fill solutions.

25-30 boxes in stock

200mm x 100mm green recycled content

£29.75 per case

8. 21" White HT Butcher Printed Vest Carrier.

11 x 17 x 21" 2000 pcs per pack

£11.95 for box of 2000

9. 90 gsm Brown Paper Rolls

745mm Storopack paper plus.

16 in stock

£22.95 per roll

10. LDPE Medium Duty Poly Centerfold Sheeting

30 in stock

£24.95 per roll

11. Look like a pro in our, PP Coated Non Woven Coveralls (White) in size XL.

Pack of 10 £19.80

12. VCI PE Coated Paper 70/ 15 1000mm

24 rolls available.

£69.50 per roll

When calling to order please quote: BLACKFRIDAYSALE

Pricing is not inclusive of VAT. Delivery charge may be applicable.

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