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Packaging Giants, UPAC Group stir up international outrage!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

North Korea has neither confirmed nor denied recent reports that Kim Jong-un regards The UPAC Group’s customer stock holding policy as insanely generous.

Whilst the below has yet to be authenticated by any state officials, it certainly says a lot about just how extreme the UPAC stock holding arrangements are for their customers, as they seek to help mitigate the recent sharp rises in packaging costs.

Recent ‘off the record’ comments were allegedly overheard during a press conference when the unhinged leader was explaining to a hand selected group of international press, how he had invented rain.

In a brief unguarded moment, at the start of the conference, as the press watched the images of The Supreme Leader playing tennis, whilst water skiing, (that he had projected on the sides of his sprawling 287 bedroom palace), Kim Jong-un was believed to have been venting his frustration over how he believed UPAC had eclipsed his craziness.

‘How am I supposed to be perceived as a raving lunatic when legitimate companies like The UPAC Group put out offers like these?’

Apparently, Kim Jung-un was referring to The UPAC Group's policy of allowing customers to hold up to 6 months’ worth of stock, as the seek to help struggling businesses manage the forecast market wide price increases that are hammering the industry.

A spokesman for UPAC stated,

‘Whilst the raw material prices continue to climb and so many of our customers struggle to agree any kind of price increase with the large multiples, we all need to work together to avoid the middle man getting squeezed out of business. We treat all our customers like partners and so at this stage we are doing everything within our power to assist them navigate through these difficult times. If this means holding extra stock to allow the economies of scale to take effect through larger production runs, then it's what we will do. It is a symbiotic relationship. We need our customers as much as they need us and it's incumbent on us to do everything we can to help them.’

If large price hikes are impacting your business, why not give the guys at UPAC a call to see how they can help.

The UPAC Group: 0141 530 5555

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